Beyond Man "Beyond Man" LP


Though the phenomenon of Trondheim-based black magick is not new the heightened craft we observe fifteen years beyond most Beyond Man-related inceptions (Mare, One Tail, One Head, Celestial Bloodshed, Saligia) persists as a source of hunger-panging void for the masses and as such, there is some guarantee that ‘Beyond Man’ will be met with blood-drooling fervor based on reputation alone. That shouldn’t suggest that this were an “easy” conception or a casual side-project, though, as primal Vordrinn became Beyond Man sometime before 2008 when a two-song ‘Neter-khertet’ cassette was recorded and shelved ’til partial reveal in 2020 as the “Art Beyond Man” digital single. As this elder song was mixed/mastered in the hands of the present it resembles an idealized draft of a rotten scripture; That said, uncertain youthful rhythm yet reveals a spiritual sense or, the conveyance of atmosphere that still reads today in ‘Beyond Man’. Though this is not ‘Deathcrush’ in terms of being absolute wrack, there is an analogue or organically unflustered and “live in studio” feeling that ‘Beyond Man’ emanates at high volume which is inarguably mayhemic as it arrives resounding in action, strained and ruptured from the psyche. “Helel Ben Sahar” affords us a filthy clenched fist to the throat as the brilliant work of W. (Fides Inversa, Behexen, et al.) calls forth defiance with what I’d describe as skin-crawling purpose, a resounding “Who are you…” burns into mind as outrage and this opening piece is already engaging and thrilling as charismatic ancient (but, not naïve) black metal spiritus.

Released by The Sinister Flame .
***Reduced price due to a small corner ding.