Black Crucifixion "Faustian Dream" LP

Black Crucifixion "Faustian Dream" LP

“The band has evolved into a dark, depressive outfit with very impressive results. It drips with a rainy, sorrowful pathos, with guitar lines that positively ache (just listen to the lead break in the masterful "Bible Black Tyrant"). The result is a very timeless, classic-sounding album, echoing its atmospheric vibe from the early-to-mid 1990s, spiritual kin to TIAMAT's "The Astral Sleep" and a dozen pretentious French avant-garde black metal bands.
 Organic melding of classic doom, black metal aura, and depressive goth-rock is quite a feat — anyone into the glumness of KATATONIA, the lush sorrow of MY DYING BRIDE or the martial melancholy of "Hammerheart"-era BATHORY will find "Faustian Dream" immensely satisfying" 

- Keith Bergman, Blabbermouth

Released by The Devil's Elixirs Records.