Burden Man / OTHRS "Grievance" Pro-tape

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Burden Man / OTHRS "Grievance" Pro-tape

Burden Man:
"Grievance has been an experiment. An experiment in taking this band from a solo project only to a collective. It has helped open up the doors on Burden Man's creativity and has begun the process of utilizing both Blaize and John's pain, not just mine. What has come from that for these two songs is less sorrow and a more despairing anger while still retaining our softer side. The themes throughout happened to match up with the compositions of OTHRS and we couldn't be more pleased in sharing this release with them."


Hailed most notably through the dark metal time scapes of SPIRE, M.R, the initiating conjuror of that entity, presents us here with the second chapter of OTHRS, showcasing his unique blend of atmospheric black metal and mist ridden dark rock featuring vocals from V.S (Spire, Void Stare) and a cover of Horseback's "Invisible Mountain".


Originally released by Brilliant Emperor Records as a digital only release.
These tapes have been produced by the band.