Cult Of The Night "Dance Of The Witches" LP


Cult of the Night was founded in 2018 with the collaboration of ‘Penetrator’ on vocals and ‘Aaron "Axe Attack" Maniac’ on guitar, to resurrect the vision of satanic speed/black metal of the 1980’s. Drawing on influences in sound and attack of early Slayer, Running Wild, Celtic Frost and Venom to name a few!
2019 saw Cult of the Night release an independent 3 track tape demo, including a cover of SODOM's Blasphemer and has now marched forward with a debut 12" vinyl EP titled ‘Dance of the Witches’!!!
Aaron 'Axe Attack' Maniac (Ex Terra Australis) Guitar
Brock 'Penetrator' Necrostalker (Mar Mortuum, Mordavia) Vox/Guitar
Daniel 'Psycho Killer' Massacre (Ex Terra Australis, Earth Rot) Drums
Dave 'Hellraiser' Poltergeist (Maniaxe) Bass