Emglev "Dor An Tenvalijenn" Pro-tape


It is no secret that Ancient Meadow is the label when it comes to unearthing old dungeon synth gems from the 90s. It’s just our schtick, and this time, we have gone above and beyond to unearth an extremely rare and obscure piece of dark dungeon music from the rolling hills of Brittany, France. This Bretonic devotional is rife with nods to the artist’s homeland, including titles and text in Breton, translated liner notes in the rare language, the Menez Arrez on the cover, and other iconic Bretonic landmarks in the insert. This compilation features both demos from the 90s: an unreleased 1994 demo and the more well-documented “Noz-veil” demo from 1996. Audio repeats on both sides.

Released By Ancient Meadow Records.