Graveland "The Celtic Winter" CD


The Celtic Winter is the second of Graveland's trilogy of pure black metal releases. It is also the apex of the early Graveland sound—an evil, epic and menacing record. Like its predecessor, In the Glare of Burning Churches, the production is raw, but balanced. The guitars, vocals and drums are all audible. Even the bass has presence.
After releasing some demos with a clearly bad production, in 1993, Rob Darken started to work in the composition of a new 6-track demo with one intro called The Celtic Winter; which was released at first by some random label called Melissa Records. It was also re-released 2 times: firstly in 1994 as an EP which only featured 3 songs on No-Colours Records. Two years later it was released once again on No Colours Records, featuring this time the entire 7-songs of the original release. Some of the songs present here were re-recorded for In the Glare of Burning Churches full-length, yet the versions on this demo are far better than those of the In the Glare of Burning Churches album. At this time, Graveland, being not in Scandinavia where Black Metal was fastly becoming stronger and stronger, was obviously not even distantly as recognized as it is now in the Black Metal world. However, "The Celtic Winter" is now considered a classic of the genre.

Reissue is remastered and presented with original and new o-card cover.
Released by Red Stream Records.