Hebephrenique "Non Compos Mentis" T-shirt


BE037 Hebephrenique “Non Compos Mentis" T-shirt printed by Brilliant Emperor Merch.

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Gorguts unorthodox death metal sound was mixed with the full-throated and violent black metal of Mayhem? If you have, you probably share the same degree of lunacy as this Australian duo called Hebephrenique. With a maddening howl, Hebephrenique unleash hallucinatory fumes into the face of extreme metal with their debut EP "Non Compos Mentis" and throughout five tracks, the duo display a knack for songwriting that can easily hurt, disorient and surprise. Opening track "An Insane Cacophony" for instance gets the EP off on a heavy start, with drums furiously pounding away underneath thick guitars and inhuman vocals before it delves into a disorientating and dissonant death metal creating an overall atmosphere is not only oppressive, but equally consuming.

Releases October 31st on CD via Brilliant Emperor.
Vinyl via Gutter Prince Cabal.

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Recorded by Jack Greenhill & Black Blood Audio
Mixed by Black Blood Audio
Mastered by Brendan Sloan
Artwork by Greallach
Drums by Robin Stone
Lyrics by Empty