Kyvon "Hymns of the Elven Harvest" Pro-tape


We are proud to bring you the sophomore album from dungeon synth newcomer Kyvon. After the success of “Frozen Grimoire”, Kyvon started working on their follow-up record straight away, and now, after more than a year of writing, mastering, and planning, the final result is ready: Hymns of the Elven Harvest. This record is an even more mature composition, showing mastery of songwriting and digital composition often unheard of in artists so young and so early in their career. This album traverses the spectrum from pure dungeon synth to sprawling but melodic dark ambient and even teeters into medieval fantasy territory. This is a terrific record that should surely please any fan of dungeon synth, dark ambient, or fantasy-inspired music. For fans of Darken Wood, Arthuros, Old Sorcery, etc.

Released By Ancient Meadow Records.