Landstrykar "A Walk Amidst The Cairns" Pro-tape


Landstrykar is an Epic Orchestral Dungeon Synth project from the Netherlands that was born out of a passion for northern nature, movie,- and videogame soundtracks, and atmospheric music artists like Summoning, Vinterriket, Ildjarn (Hardangervidda) and Jim Kirkwood. Landstrykar aims to evoke feelings of wanderlust, to instill wonderment and admiration for the mysteriousness and grandeur of nature, as well as feelings of nostalgia and longing to return to beautiful places once visited. Debut album 'A Walk Amidst The Cairns' is a soundtrack based on wanderings through Norwegian landscapes and will guide the listener over majestic mountains, through mysterious forests, and along grand fjords.

Released by Dungeons Deep Records.