Lurid Orb "Folded Visions" LP


BE040 - Lurid Orb - “Folded Visions” LP PRE-ORDER
Limited to 150 copies on three different "orb" colour vinyl options + OBI strip and hype sticker. Colours will be confirmed at a later date. All pre-orders will receive the vinyl that has the most limited colour. Vinyl colour in the mock up is not reflective of what any of the colours may be.

In the beginning there was the Orb. And after that there was Dungeon Synth. Also unto the flame were sacrificed the visions of fantasy in paint and ink. When Jon Weber the Innocent (fantasy illustrator and evening celestial wizard) peered within the offerings of that fated trio, Lurid Orb was born. Blending both musical and visual offerings to the Elder Gods under the most dark and mysterious of rituals, Lurid Orb seeks to offer unto you a world that is theirs, yours and unending.

The Orb needs not pondering, but allegiance!

All Music and Art traditionally conjured (acrylic painting on board) by Jon Weber (2023).
Mastering and Additional Mixing: Aaron Nayler (
Originally released by Mystic Sceptre.

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"Folded Visions" cassettes available via Orko Productions.