Maniac Butcher ‎"Barbarians" LP

$32.00 AUD
 Maniac Butcher ‎"Barbarians"  LP

Following countrymen Root and Master’s Hammer into the ‘awesome but obscure Czech bands’ box, Black Metal warriors Maniac Butcher set out their stall early on, and have remained true to themselves constantly, recently reforming after ten years of silence. Pure, keyboardless, riff-driven Black Metal is what you can expect here, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get, a raw and intense surge of darkness that will thrill fans of the old school. A suitably murky and hateful production is draped over the subtly epic music, buzzing guitars and tinny drums with thunderous rolls, the screeched vocals loudest in the mix – this is Black Metal at its purest, straight-faced and above all, most awesome. You can’t look at that cover art and not see a band that are completely and utterly devoted to what they’re doing, fearless and true, and although the music may not be particularly original or varied, it’s more than good enough to warrant attention from fans of the style. -

Hand-numbered release by Arges Records on black vinyl.