Mortiis "The Shadow Of The Tower" LP

Mortiis "The Shadow Of The Tower" LP

"Deep voices echoing from the distant past…
A ritualistic soundscape for journeys to deserts and dungeons.
This is a recording from 1997. Originally used as background atmospheres for the rare & fairly far in-between live shows I was doing back then.
I discovered this recording on a tape in the attic, some 23+ years later. I
thought it would be an interesting piece of sonic history to get out there.
Around 1997, I was getting increasingly interested in industrial/ritualistic and experimental music (I also recorded VOND´s 3rd and last album "Green Eyed Demon" around this time, which has a lot of similar vibes, and dark, repeating, loop-based experimentation all over it), and this recording clearly reflects that.
This is drony, ritualistic and repetetive by nature (and, because of its original purpose, which was to fill silent space and time with atmospherical sound).
For the connoisseurs, you´ll notice this sounds similar to a work-in-progress I shared a few months ago, of the same name. What you heard then, is the continuation, and evolution of this piece, and it´s still in the stages of evolution. Bringing this piece of sound into the future, has been one of my ongoing projects during 2020" - Mortiis

Released by The Devil's Elixirs Records.