OBSEQUIES "DEMO 2020" Pro-tape


Roots of hatred dug deep into the blackened earth, abyssal blades drawing power from below, comes the wretched entity of olde known by sacred tongue slaughter of Obsequies. Formed by hands of four cult members, this beast of raw black ruin hails from the United States, and has been ensorcelling fresh cadaver incantations since the age of 2020. Here in this age, by conspiracy of lecherous majesty, has Obsequies aligned itself with the iron blasphemy of GoatowaRex dead dirt deviance, bringing the first of this entity's incantations to grave acolytes upon cruelty of cassette tape. Demo 2020 is a true orthodox expression of raw black metal, one steeped in a truly grim atmosphere of colossal intent and morbid evocation. A miserably pleasurable incantation to consume, Obsequies’s debut incantation is one wreathed in bottom heavy guitar melodics, mysterious synth alchemy, heroic lead melodies, clashing putrid percussion, dissonant vocal howls, true necro production, and infectious compositions that always ask for another turn upon the audial nightmare altar. Those seeking flavours both aligned with the classic Polish black metal sound, with a USBM twists, need scry their sacrificial intestines no longer, for Obsequies bring both votive offerings to the stone table altar. Available soon upon terror of cassette tape. In eternal aeon of sadistic steel. Description text and border design by @neheroth

Released by Goatowarex.