Öxxö Xööx "Ÿ" 2XLP


The brainchild of Laurent Lunoir, Öxxö Xööx acts as a personal artistic project where he can realize his dreams entirely unrestricted. In doing so, he attempts to raise his “being”; a kind of inner "holy war" to find what religions call "God" (and which he refers to as “Light”, ÏËL) in a personal way, without adhering to any religious practice. This expresses what he feels toward the material reality in which we must live. To achieve this, he enlisted the help of artists who share a similar creative outlook, those whom Laurent feels a “connection” to the Light, such as Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec) and Isarnos (Thomas Jacquelin). The possibility remains open for other collaborations in the future which will allow the Öxxö Xööx universe to grow even further.

Released by Blood Music.

This double LP has some corner damage so price is discounted.