PERDITION TEMPLE "Sovereign Of The Desolate" 7"


As a precursor to their highly anticipated new album for HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Tempter's Victorious, American black/death barbarians PERDITION TEMPLE reveal a new 7" EP, Sovereign of the Desolate. Aptly titled, this two-song scorcher complements the sonic devastation to be found on The Tempter's Victorious: a militant, malevolent brand of blackened death metal that PERDITION TEMPLE have perfected, their crush chaotic yet controlled. However, band founder/scene veteran Gene Palubicki is joined by an elite cadre of new members here, including his old Angelcorpse guitar foil Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and, on vocals, Black Witchery's intimidating Impurath. Both tracks here are exclusive, including a rabid, reverent cover of Blasphemy's classic "Weltering in Blood." PERDITION TEMPLE are the Sovereign of the Desolate!