Ploughshare 'Tellurian Insurgency' Pro-tape

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Ploughshare 'Tellurian Insurgency' Pro-tape

Ploughshare 'Tellurian Insurgency' Pro-tape MC. Released through Night Rhythms Records (US).
- Pro-tape, pad-printed shells.
- Norelco cases.
- Limited to 50 copies.

"A monolithic swarm of festering blackened death doom and a harrowing journey of irreversible descent into manifest catastrophe. The third conjuring of the indomitable Ploughshare is a finely engineered banquet of ambrosial backwash set against the group’s increasingly convoluted aesthetic and disturbed songwriting.
The follow up to the highly revered “In Offal, Salvation” includes three brand new tracks and a remix by Andrew Nolan.”

ORDER NOW - Released November 29.

Please purchase the digital album directly through the artist:

CD & Tape through I, Voidhanger (IT)