Ossuaire "Premiers / Derniers Chants" 2X Pro-tape


Premiers Chants:
Ossuaire (Montréal, Québec) emerges anew as the grandiose and impetuous first chapter of a concept spawning two albums and recounting the major events contributing to the downfall of christianity and the rise of heresy resounds. Ossuaire delivers a resolutely unwholesome breed of Black Metal, both corrosive and melodic, bestowing upon this offering an aura that is as dark as it is authentic.
Derniers Chants:
A mere six months after the release of their first, widely acclaimed album through Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire is already back at it, with the stunning conclusion to their two-album concept on the downfall of Christianity. Derniers Chants features the characteristic vengeful yet melodic riffing that has helped the band quickly rise among the well-established Québec Black Metal scene while also developing a more epic side, such as on the spectacular album closer.

Released by Out Of Season.