From hollow to height, from dawn to dusk, in the wake of social upheaval, comes that gothic icon in bygone age of the glory days of Hong Kong, the dreamweavers of post synth pop lamentation known only as Maenad & the Ravers. Rising from graveslumber in the age of 2019, Maenad & the Ravers are a duo of blue bone barratry, these by name of Cecilia Nox and MingEvilUndead, who since this age have been whispering goth wave sonic poetry by annual release of incantation. It is the first that we preach of today, this by the title of Sundown, their debut incarnation and one that still speaks sweet of the sultry suffering in concrete corridors of fog fume forest. Sundown is the carrion cry of a city made corpse. A riveting excursion into dreamy soundscapes of haunting female vocal oration driven by pop power percussion and hypnotic post punk melody, this debut incantation is the perfect swansong of Hong Kong’s last days of freedom and the beginning of a new age—one steeped in eerie reverb and wretched self-loathing. As infectious as it is entrancing, Sundown is a spectacular debut from Maenad & the Ravers, the duo coalescing emotions of regret, intoxication, bewilderment, decay, and sexual desire into an eceletic soundscape; of post punk instrumentation, electronic ambience and diverse composition to keep those experiencing it enchained to those dying dreams of a city now lost.
Available on gatefold double LP, with 4 pages 12" x 12" insert. The Whore of Babylon weeps as the sun sets beneath the highway of love. - Neheroth

Released by Goatowarex.