Snorlax 'II' 12" LP

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Snorlax 'II' 12" LP

BE006 - Snorlax 'II' 12" LP.
Limited to 150 copies on black & white marble vinyl.

"Enter Snorlax - the wretched grind-child and one man progeny of Brendan Auld, head of the prolific Black Blood Audio in Brisbane, Australia. Brendan’s vile creativity extends deep into the Brisbane underground, summoning some of the filthiest the Australian East Coast has to offer with current and past work in Descent, Siberian Hell Sounds, Consumed, Dire Wolf, Necroseptic and Resin Tomb.

Riding off the highly acclaimed 2018 “Splintering” demo (Caligari Records), Snorlax “II” continues the vicious and scathing blackened death-grind journey in uncompromising fashion. Hailing guttural tomb-style growls and frosted screeching, Snorlax hammer through 22 minutes of a coruscatingly energetic presentation only a maniacal necromancer would be capable of. Raw, intense, yet well crafted production aid the atmosphere of the music and the crushing force of the brutal old-school death/black foundation satisfies even the vilest of followers. Hail Snorlax!"

PRE-ORDER NOW - Released January 10, 2020.

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