UNBEGOTTEN - 'Manifestion' Pro-tape

UNBEGOTTEN - 'Manifestion' Pro-tape

Unbegotten are a mysterious entity hailing from the increasingly potent Spanish black metal scene. The band made their public debut with the Proem of the Unborn demo in 2016. A catacomb of hateful energy, Unbegotten's opening salvo swiftly delivered boundless darkness and raw obscurity, instilling the rank stench of the ancients despite being a brand-new formation.

After three years of uncompromising coldness, Unbegotten return with their next recording: at last, a full-length bearing the title Manifestion. Originally released on vinyl by the esteemed Altare Productions, Manifestion malodorously displays the full bloom of Unbegotten's promise. Hateful and hysteric, the insistent surge across these seven tracks creates a clanging delirium that sounds less like traditional black metal and more like the ethereal echoes of agonized spirits dwelling in the deep. Suitably, Unbegotten keep their attack righteously raw, and yet each instrument is fully felt, especially the ominous tones of actual bass guitar; every note seemingly bends and breaks, the yawning maw of infinity turned miserably melodic. Manifestion is thus a cacophonous symphony of spectral anguish, moonlit mysticism given over to feral, lycanthropic hunger.

The dungeons are calling again, and Unbegotten's Manifestion now returns to the shadows on cassette tape.

LISTEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCg8o08TBV8

Released by Lunar Apparitions.