Void Stare - 'Zero One' Pro-tape

$8.00 AUD
Void Stare - 'Zero One' Pro-tape

BE007 Void Stare 'Zero One' Pro-tape MC.
- Pro-tape, pad-printed transparent purple shells.
- 'Inverted cross' style box covers.
- Limited to 60 copies.
- Includes digital download.

Void Stare is the darksynth project of VS, the stylistically diverse singer of the ambient black metal band Spire.

Void Stare is VS' first foray into solo music writing, and culminates his long-term adoration of 80s and 90s Cyberpunk music, books, movies, and games. With added dark taint’s inspired by his cross-genre passion for dark and ambient music, VS brings his trademark throat singing, long-term experience as an extreme metal singer, and dedication to the darker side of music into unique, futuristic soundscapes.

Through Zero One, enter the dark synth styled, cinematic soundtrack of the wanderings of an ancient and omnipresent dark force - characterised by VS' droning throat singing - through one Cyberpunk inspired rain and neon soaked landscape after the other. From sprawling dystopia, to the tombs of dead replicants. Bare witness to lazer-drenched warfare above the moons of Jupiter, a lonely death on Mars, and beyond.

Zero... One...

LISTEN: https://brilliantemperor.bandcamp.com/album/zero-one

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All music production, mixing, mastering, and vocals by VS.