Winterfylleth "The Dark Hereafter" LP


Winterfylleth unleash an ocean of blackened melodic sound; The Dark Hereafter is an essential black metal record of 2016. Delving into haunting and often mystifying tones, this English unit has captured the essence of their folklore with climactic riffs and an excellent cohesive vision. Cascading from track to track, The Dark Hereafter’s atmospheric black assault forges on to create vivid stories of the ancient and gloomy island that this band calls home. Their music conjures emotions of despair and overcoming, and Winterfylleth can claim one of the best songwriting teams in today’s large circle of blackened folk metal bands. Clocking in at just over 40 minutes, the album cuts the clutter and progresses like a wave of sonic force invested in the hallowed sound of mythic folk. It’s an atmospheric gem for the wallowing.

Released by Spinefarm/Candlelight Records on clear vinyl.