Winterfylleth "The Hallowing Of Heirdom" 2XLP


A decade into their career, The Hallowing of Heirdom is the biggest turning point for Winterfylleth’s sound thus far. They’ve always stood out for mountainous riffs, but this time they’ve completely dropped all black metal aggression in exchange for a colorful acoustic folk album. Although it’s a method that could have gone one way or the other, it works tremendously well for them. The Hallowing of Heirdom plays out like the changing of seasons: gentle strings and guitars are manipulated into glowing horizons and shifting winds. There are no harsh vocals on The Hallowing of Heirdom either. Instead, ancient chanting and more traditional folk singing are dispersed throughout the album’s massive backdrop of instrumentals. The scenery is often held together by nothing but acoustic guitars, but the playing and timing is everything – something Winterfylleth have down pat here.

Released by Spinefarm/Candlelight Records.