Meshuggah "obZen" 2XLP


"It's all about human evil" was how Meshuggah drummer and lyricist Tomas Haake described his band's obZen LP to Revolver in early 2008, shortly before the album's release. "And that's where the album title comes from. Instead of using the word 'obscene,' we mixed it with 'Zen,' as in you've found your balance and equilibrium as a human being in the obscene, in violence and blood." Just as its title joined two vastly different words to make a third meaning, obZen found the influential Swedish extreme/progressive metal band breathing new life into their already challenging music by combining the thrashy, proto-djent attack of earlier albums like 1995's Destroy Erase Improve and 1998's Chaosphere with the darker, more experimental approach of 2002's Nothing and 2005's Catch Thirtythree. The sinister and searing results reaffirmed Meshuggah's status as a premier force in modern metal, while also recalibrating the band's creative course.

Released by Atomic Fire on gatefold double white / black / blue marble vinyl.