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Teufel "Mračne Nočne Pripovedke" LP


Deep in the gloomy stretches of the Slovenia heartlands, beneath the shadows of the three planed world tree, and the bale of doom dragon’s ocular eyes, shambles forth that eldritch entity known only by foetid whispers of Teufel. Hailing from fabled lands of Slovenia, Teufel is the masterwork of Etienne von Chelleri, infamous for his work with Bleeding Fist, Chains and many more, and a mysterious audial force of ambient black metal morbidity that has been ongoing now since the foulest age of 2020. Three incantations would be unchained in quick fire spell barrage in this age, before the entity became a slumbering edifice, only to now be reawakened in alliance with the iron wings of GoatowaRex pale dead wyvern wonder upon the finest raven wax vinyl of dreaded dirge. Mračne Nočne Pripovedke is the grimoire of folklore shadow song tales from the deepest reaches of the understone umbra. Fungal faces moaning great lament from damp dripping cavern walls, the chorus of haunting melodies shattered across each sharp precipice, each nook, cranny and crevice mired in the underfume mysteries of the primordial deep. Lonely spells of clean baritone vocal oration, vast ambient atmospherics, crawling doom tempo, melancholy tremolo essence, enigmatic percussive poetry and mysterious folk instrumentation inception are those elements combined that will greet those stalking those underground halls. Those realms of permeable darkness. For Teuful shakes its horns of mortal lifeblood, staining the underheavens with a wisdom long lost, now recalled—reanimated by the aural emanations of that which waits with eyes eternally open.

Released by Goatowarex on Silver w/ Black Splatter vinyl.