Winterfylleth "The Reckoning Dawn" 3XLP DELUXE Boxset


You could get lost in "The Reckoning Dawn", such is its immaculate, overpowering hugeness. This is WINTERFYLLETH's seventh studio album (assuming you include 2018's acoustic set "The Hallowing of Heirdom" — and you should, because it's brilliant) and it feels big, grand, important; as if the band have finally perfected the wild, windswept cacophony that has earned them near-unassailable status as the UK's premier black metal force. In fact, there has never been a better example of a band that have matured and evolved steadily but purposefully, sticking firmly to passionately held principles in the process. "The Reckoning Dawn" might as well have been self-titled, such is the artful refining and redefining that is going on here: if you have ever enjoyed the band's music in the past, these songs are simply the ultimate manifestation of their sound, their ethos and their melodic, melancholic sensibilities. In a genre that has more than a few lazy mimics and box-ticking drones, WINTERFYLLETH's instantly recognizable barrage is almost embarrassingly commanding.

Limited deluxe edition boxset, including the album on double heavyweight clear vinyl with OBI strip in a gatefold cover with gold foil spots, a 12" bonus EP on clear vinyl, exclusive large photo/lyrics book and poster, all housed in a thick black box with logo. Released by Spinefarm/Candlelight Records.